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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

APKPREEM’s mission and project is to built a best Arena for all of you. we have to understand you and what you want in variety ways. Including, we collect your little personal information.

What you are reading and most viewed contents will give you information about how we collect data, use and including your little personal information. Since this information is related to the law, it seems that they are very difficult to understand, and we will try to understand everything very easily. We welcome your feedback and feedback on this Privacy Policy.

The information we collect

Once you join the arena of APKPREEM, we will store your information. This work will take place while you are playing in the arena.

Your registration informartion

Whenever you register or use APKPREEM, you must provide us with some information. It can be display name, email address, avatar, comment or whatever you give.

Your content

If you like any content, please post it in the comments or on our contact page, we will understand and change it to your liking. You can give it as an article, a comment or a review.

Also, if you want to attach any photos to APKPREEM, you only need to attach the photo that was made without location (EXIF GPS) in that photo. At the same time we will not store your information and we will delete your profile when publishing and displaying the photo with some technical methods. But we recommend that you post a non-location photo.

Yes we use cookies (whenever you visit our site the file with small letters will be displayed on your computer or mobile, the file will appear even if you are a new user of APKPREEM or use a new browser) or some related applications will store the site’s applications as log files. Whenever we use the cookies method or any other related technology, we either use session cookies (which will be destroyed when the browser closes) or continue to use the cookies system (those cookies are stored until the browser is destroyed). For example, we know your spoken language or just for the rest of the system so once you use APKPREEM it is not necessary to use it again and again. Some information will be linked to your personal account page via cookies (including your email address and your personal information) and we will not use others.

Your IP and your user agent string

Your IP address and user agent are always linked to our site.

How we use your information

We clearly state how we use your information.

It is our duty to keep your information safe, and your personal information is protected on our site and retrievable even if it is lost.

We will keep your profile as long as we have APKPREEM. We did not have more than that. And if you do not want to, we will remove it from our site by requesting you anytime.

All of the greats from you will be maintained, upgraded, managed, analyzed and customized.

Keep the system stable

Surely, we will always keep the arena stable, with a lot of people joining this arena. So we do not want to cause any problems in our arena. In addition, if any fraud or illegal activities take place, we will diagnose and consult and take strict action and prosecute. This case will only flow to the person involved and will not offend other users.

We use technology to detect spam and misconduct. Therefore, the wrong algorithm will be detected beforehand.

Keeping you always satisfied  about us

You do not have to select the language or login every time you visit our site. Visiting the site again and again will not cause you any inconvenience by saving the personal details you once gave.

Keep communicating with you through the contact method you provide

Sometimes we just want to send you a few suggestions or important announcements. We can easily share information when you use email as your contact information, and you can easily get personalized information.

Who do we share your data with?

We will not disclose any information and we have no interest in sharing information with third parties and are confident that we will not do so. This does not mean that we have left your information.

Your rights

If you have an account at APKPREEM you can edit display name, email, password and photo.

You do not need to use your real name when joining APKPREEM, you can also use your favorite name or anonymity name.

You also have the right to request the removal of information about you from our site.

Changes to this privacy policy

Of course, there is no such thing as a privacy policy. So there are chances that we may modify this document in the future. We will also notify you by e – mail of any changes to our Privacy Policy that we consider very important. If you still use our site after the changes have been announced, it means that you have accepted our changes.

The journey of APKPREEM continues with your cooperation. Although APKPREEM is very casual and humorous, we are very careful about maintaining anyone’s privacy and personal information.

Last updated: September 8, 2020