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SimCity BuildIt MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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SimCity BuildIt MOD APK is a free simulation game developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS. You can download the MOD version of this game via the link placed below the article.

Introduce about SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a free city simulation game free for Android. Electronic Arts company published this game and it is a familiar name on mobile games. They are very famous for the Plant vs Zombies and racing sports games like Real Racing 3. This is the first try, EA creates a simulation game in Android. And the effect of the game is more amazing. Up to the current time, this game was reached over a 50million users on google with 5-star reviews.



Starting the game, you go the late 1980s, the SimCity BuildIt series has been the friendly help of many generations. And the game made has been incredible strides since then. This latest version of the game-opening is felt brighter and polishing from the game beginning when takes close the see the buildings, you’ll see unexpected details. The basic principles of SimCity are the same, with no changes in principles. However, the view from above is square and the old days have been changed, become a three-dimensional that can you build.

Soon, you can make your city what you minded and a high-class city. Sooner or later you can open a donut shop. Then you think build market and casinos you can build that. You prioritize your city to your own liking, such as build a resort on the seaside or designing Parisian style.

Grow your city

If you are not busy with maintaining the operation of the city, just stop operation and watch the game simulation process that will enough to make you happy. Use your two fingers to zoom the playground, you can see the small players playing football, volleyball, etc… You will enjoy the landscape view or listening to the bustling background music of the city by enjoying the resident living peoples. What a perfect accomplishment for your efforts, right?

Meanwhile, industrial parks and animal parks are not just a place for Sims to work. Together with your stores, you can create and get the items to upgrade your existing plots. For the first time, your city looks a little modest – more like SimTown or SimVillage. However, you’ll see the changes by developing the city, you will ready to know about what to do next.


Yes, some people want to see the world in flames and I have confuses that is also exciting. When you build a big enough city, you just discuss with Dr.Vu to help with devastating the city with any type of disaster, from the alien invasion. Destroying is easier than building. Moreover, you’ll receive the awards but rebuild your city.

Collect and trade resources

To build a city, resources are very important to create them. You cannot build a new building without resources. However, you can find and buy resources from other players. Because sometimes some players need some resources, and you also need their resources. Exchange the items will help both sides. Trading and exchanging resources will help you earn a decent income.


SimCity BuildIt has sevral currencies:

  • Simoleons: You will get Simoleons by upgrading your buildings, exchanging resources, and selling the items. Alternatively, you can use the SimCash to buy more Simoleons.
  • SimCash: High-class currency. SimCash will help to buy and upgrade your work immediately instead of waiting. You can only get SimCash by using real money. You also get some opportunity for free SimCash by completing achievements, but it’s not negligible.
  • Golden Key: You can get the Golden key by complete the shipment or passing disaster challenges.
  • Platinum Key: You can only get Platinum Key by completing Mayor’s contest. It cannot be purchased with SimCash.



There is no about the graphics quality in EA’s game. SimCity BuildIt explores a virtual city with detailed sharp 3D graphics. With the view from above, you can see the all activities in your city. You can zoom in and out to see your city and residents are living. Your city is completely beautifully designed with brighter and colorful. Besides, the game has day/night and weather in the season to season. All of the above things will give you more excitement.

MOD APK version of SimCity BuildIt

MOD Features

Unlimited Money/Key: At the beginning of the game, you have 25,000 simoleons and 50 Simcash. You can feel that the SimCash number is very small then you upgrading major works. You can use SimCash only when you're urgently needed. The MOD version will solve all financial problems in this game. It gives you an infinity amount of money for free (Including SimCash, Simoleons, Key).

How to install and use

You need to note one thing when you installing & using SimCity BuildIt MOD APK for the MOD version to work as intended.

Step 1: Install InternetGuard from GooglePlay.

This is a very required step because this application will help to block SimCity BuildIt from accessing the internet and without error playing.

Step 2: Download the MOD version of the game via the link below the article. Then install the downloaded APK. After installation, open SimCity BuildIt installer to install SimCity BuildIt on your phone.

Step 3: Open InternetGuard, activate the app in the top corner of the screen. Blocking all Wifi and Mobile Data Access of SimCity BuildIt.

Step 4: Open the game. At the time, the game will try to reconnect the server. Because we have blocked the application network access, it will stand for a while.

Wait a few seconds, it will automatically run and you will enter the game.

Download SimCity BuildIt MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

This game will give you a great feeling to build a city zero to become a bustling city. If you love simulation games and you have a dream to build your own city what you think, SimCity BuildIt is the best choice for you, and don't ignore this.

Let your creative skills shine with City Design Challenges, our new gameplay mode in which mayors get to design cityscapes that fit a given theme. Collect votes to win valuable prizes or vote for cities designed by others to help the best-looking city win.

In addition, we bring two new Mayor's Pass Seasons: Australian Outback and The Timeless Sands. Compete to unlock buildings such as Koala Grove or Camel Racing Track, and to win the ultimate prize - the alluring Uluru!

Happy building!

Download SimCity BuildIt MOD APK (Unlimited Money) free for android

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
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