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Hello everyone, everyone knows about the APKPREEM team and the website that everyone created together. Our goal is to create a place where everyone can read. Created in mid-2020, the website currently has a limited number of users. This website was created from our own paycheck for maintenance costs and all work costs.

So, although you can help us, even if there are a few more people, we will still carry out this work with commitment.

How will donations be used?

Now for a small amount i.e. a few dollars for example, we will buy juice cans to do with you enthusiastically doing the APKPREEM mission. Or if the amount is large we will use it for server maintenance and domain name renewal. If there is still work to be done (not currently) we will use it as a charity for the poor.

Do not donate?

I started this donation page to make money through APKPREEM, so this is not the other way around, so you follow us, love us, and then keep looking, no need to be afraid. APKPREEM is maintained, maintained and improved daily. Every day we are here, APKPREEM is a good quality and there are so many things to read here, there will be no monotonous posts. Trust us!

How to donate?

Now, you can donate us in various ways.

Any gift

You can send gift cards or any other gifts via email [email protected]. We would like to thank you for this.


Paypal account: [email protected]


Golden board

We owe it to everyone to continue to maintain and improve the cost of a portion of APKPREEM. Here is the sum of money we received from our beautiful supporters:

  • On processing…

Thank you and have a nice day!